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Welcome! In this part, you can find some dashboard that i create using combination some language, such as html, php, javascript, etc. Please enjoy!


Map of Indonesia: Adjust Size of Marker (3/August/2021)

Map of Indonesia: Display or Remove Marker. (2/August/2021)

Map of Indonesia: Map will Display Name of Province When Pointer of Mouse at A Certain Province in Map. (31/July/2021)

Map of Indonesia: Access Region Based on Province => District/City => Subdistrict => Village. (31/July/2021)


Research Grant of Bank Indonesia (RGBI) 2021 (16/August/2021)


Form: Type-1 (27/August/2021)

Form: Type-2 (27/August/2021)

Form: Type-3 (27/August/2021)

Form: Type-4 (27/August/2021)

Form: Type-5 (28/August/2021)

Form: Type-6 (29/August/2021)

Form: Type-7 (4/September/2021)

Form: Type-8 (18/September/2021)


Kuliner Kota Medan (29/August/2021)


Bar Chart with Ploty (Part 1) (31/August/2021)

Bar Chart with Ploty (Part 2) (31/August/2021)

Indonesian Company's Financial Performance

Indonesian Company's Financial Performance (31/August/2021)